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Your tradie needs to be covered by an appropriate insurance policy. Public liability insurance is compulsory and gives liability protection against third party injuries and property damage caused by the contractor. This will protect you should anything go wrong with your home improvement project. Insurance certificates need to be current and valid for the duration of the project works.

Everything you need to know about finding a Plumber

Plumbing is a vital part of any home and it is imperative that it is installed and maintained correctly in order to avoid future problems down the track. For the safety of homeowners all states and territories require all plumbing work to be carried out by a licensed contractor

Here's some more information about plumbers and plumbing options for your home:


Role of Plumbers

Plumbers may carry out the following tasks:

Detecting and repairing leaks in both water and gas systems Replacing old plumbing Installing and repairing tap ware

Plumbers are necessary in any renovation or installation of the bathroom, kitchen, laundry or other wet areas. Plumbers can also install gas systems, whether it is for cooking or for your hot water system.

Types of Plumbing

There are several types of plumbing that you might need to use, depending on the plumbing issue:

New Drains – this can involve installing new drains or fixing blocked drains. A plumber can also repair and maintain pipes and fittings associated with stormwater and waste removal .

Emergency Plumbers - In urgent situations, such as burst pipes, you will need to enlist the help of a reputable plumber. An emergency plumber is available at all hours of the day and night to attend to and repair plumbing that is no longer working. 

Toilet Repairs – this involves installing, repairing and maintaining pipes and fittings that are associated with the removal of sewage from the home . A plumber will repair your toilet as quickly as possible, so that things can go back to normal. strain on the public water supply. It also saves money as the less water you use, the less you pay for! Green plumbing services can include the installation and servicing of solar hot water plumbing, rainwater tank installation and grey wter system plumbing. By taking a look at your existing plumbing and seeing where you can improve, you can help save water, money and the environment. 

Home Renovation Plumbing - if you are renovating or building a new home, taking the time to get the appropriate plumbing systems installed can save a lot of money and inconvenience in the future. A plumber will be able to advise on the best plumbing system and solutions for your project. Plumbing Maintenance - a good plumber can undertake all the plumbing projects around your house and restore your systems to perfect working order. traps,

 By regularly maintaining plumbing, you can reduce the likelihood of small problems turning serious.  Water Plumbing – this refers to installing, repairing and maintaining pipes and fittings that transfer hot and cold water to the home. Ensure your plumber is qualified and licensed to carry out water plumbing services.